October 10, 2012

Goodbye....Sort Of

After a long break and much thought, I have decided to close the door on the Ford Duo blog. It has been called many things over the years and served it's purpose. however, as life changes so do our blogs and this family has had big changes this past year. I hope that you have enjoyed our time together and will consider following my new blog http://sonnysdelight.blogspot.com. Even though I have started posting to it, the blog is still in the very early stages of development so please be patient as I get it "Pretty".

Thank you again for your support over the years and I hope you will continue this journey with me through my new blog.
God Bless!

March 26, 2012

101 -- 2 years later

I created my 101 in 1001 list 2 years ago today. I have made minor changes to the list over the years due to life changes...but I have tried to keep the new items of the same nature (and difficulty) as the old ones.
Here is what remains:

2. Eat breakfast everyday of the week (so far so good 6/1/12)
5. Take Taylor and Mac to an Aquarium
9. Go to Gatlinburg with Aunt Sharon and Uncle Matt in 2010, 2011, and 2012
11. Start repainting the inside of the house
22. Start a scrapbook for Mac
23. Let my hair grow the entire 1001 days (except for an occasional trim/layering) (so far so good 6/1/12)
26. Put Taylor through More swim Lessons
29. Make a Hall Tree for the Foyer
34. Buy a used car to replace the Rogue (with a smaller payment or no payment is preferred)
35. Buy a Large standing Mirror for the bedroom
36. Refinance my house
42. Visit the World of Coca Cola In Atlanta
52. Watch every episode of the Honeymooners (not all at one time)
54. Go to Chucky Cheese with Taylor
56. Celebrate Taylor's 5 Year old Birthday (2012)
61. Go to TN and see if Sa Sa is still alive....meet her if she is
63. Organize my Tupperware Cabinet
65. Clean out/Organize Master closet
67. Go putt putt golf with the kids
71. Frame Mac's Pictures for his 3, 6, 9 month wall
80. Celebrate Mac's 2nd Birthday (2012)
82. Fill in Taylor's growth chart with her information
86. Clean out the attic and organize it
90. Make a photo book from Mac's First Birthday
94. Clean up/out the Garage
96. Reorganize the pantry
98. Put Mac In swim classes
101. To do all the things listed in numbers 1-100

28 Items to check off in just under 9 months. Wish me Luck!

October 7, 2011

Address Change

Effective Immediately the blog address has changed to http://thefordduo.blogspot.com/. Be sure to update your blog roll! :)

September 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Mac!

I cannot believe Mac is ONE! (#69)
A year ago I was pacing the halls of Brookwood Maternity wing breathing through contractions!

9/3/11 fell perfectly on a Saturday, so we were able to have Mac's Party on his Birthday!
Check out his special "Little Dude" Day:
Instead of having everyone sign a picture frame, book, or something like that...We set up a photo booth. Here are a few of my favorites:

And you have to love it when someone really gets into it! Thanks Jeremy!

The details:


Mac at 1 Year:

He is not much of a Talker...he babbles but says very few words: Dada, Mama and Uh Oh

He is able to stand up on his own and is cruising quite well.
Also, on September 2nd he took 3 steps from MamaZan to Me! I was so excited! When he plopped down on his bottom he looked up with a huge grin and clapped!
It won't be long before I am chasing him. He loves the stairs! My biggest concern! In a matter of minutes he can get about half way up. This weekend I have to find the gate and get it put up.

I started him on Chunky baby food about a month ago and that has gone very well. He has tried some solid foods like crackers and cheeses and really knows how to work his 9 little teeth! He likes feeding himself, but will not hold his own bottle! School has been trying to introduce the sippy cup but we are still a long way from having that figured out. I think a weekend boot camp will do the trick.
I am currently trying to wean him off of formula onto Whole Milk. The first week was rough! He was only getting about 4oz of Milk a day and it had his tummy all messed up. But now it is doing much better.

Currently his biggest obsession is the bathroom! He loves to bang on the toilet lid and unroll the paper! Taylor has even learned to keep all the bathroom doors closed!
Mac is a big boy! He has been in 12 month clothing for a few months now and is using size 4 diapers.

Mac is so much fun! He has the most adorable laugh and is ALL boy! He is rough and I mean REALLY rough! We get notes from his teachers at school saying he was not nice to his friends b/c he hits them. His way of showing you love is to smack you in the face and smile really big while doing it! His favorite person is Taylor and he loves to hit her and pull her hair, chase her and play with her. I love it when they play together! She can make him laugh harder than anyone!
Even though he is extremely rough, he is my sweet little boy! He is sooo loving and still likes to be carried around and cuddle with me. He gives me sweet wet kisses and really big hugs! Mac is a Mama's Boy and I love it!

Mac, you are rough, Sweet and Full of Life! You are my son! I love You!

August 7, 2011

VHHS 10 Year Reunion (#21)

I cannot believe it has been 10 years!!! It took place at the Matt Jones Gallery Downtown. There was Heavy hors d'oeuvres catered by La Paz, a full open bar, and the Ryan Kinder Band. The band was actually VERY good even though no one really danced.

We arrived around 7:30 and didn't leave until it was over at 11. It was very strange having all of those people in the same place again. It took a little bit to get over the shock of it but it seemed like everyone really let loose after a while.

I unfortunately only took this one picture at the reunion, but I am glad I have it! Love you Adrian!

July 4, 2011


Taylor turns 4 this November! I know....really she does! The time has flown by and she is quite the little lady! However, for the better part of her life I have been carrying an extra few pounds (10 to be exact) from her! I lost my baby weight from Mac really quickly and decided I had to get to work on this Taylor weight! January 27th I started going to Rock Your Body Studio for Dance Trance. It is a unique dance experience that gives you an awesome workout. I also started watching my calories....Mainly cutting out calories through beverages.

On June 28th I saw this for the first time since I got preggo....

I am officially less than my pre-preggo weight!!! If you have ever had to lose weight...especially baby weight...you know how I feel! If you are trying to lose it right now....Keep trying! You CAN do it!

June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I love being a Mom! and I love that I have the best Husband/Father to our kids. He is just as much a Dad as I am a Mom. He does and will do anything for our kids. Since the day she was born, he has had Daddy Daughter night with Taylor once a week. He is known as super Dad at School and I would have to agree. I am so blessed to have him. There is not one person that I trust with our babies more than him! He is full of love and lots of fun! I know that Father's day is very special for him! He loves being a Dad. He wears his "Dad" t-shirt very proudly!

Happy Father's Day!

June 10, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Every Memorial Weekend we join my parents and Aunt and Uncle in TN (#9).
This year we left late on May 26 and drove most of the night, to let the kids sleep during the drive. I think we finally got in around 2 AM, but were not in bed until 3! Unfortunately the kids were up at 7 and so were we! The Boys minus Mac headed out to Cade's Cove for their yearly tour. This year was the best year so far for Animal spotting.

They saw 10 bears!!!

While Mom and I got ready...Taylor got her toes and nails done.

While the boys enjoyed the great outdoors, the girls plus Mac enjoyed the Great outlets! I spent most of my time in the LOFT Outlet. *Love*

Around 3:30 we all met up at the Applebarn for Fritters!

Check out the look on Mac's Face!!! Hilarious!


Saturday we took our time getting ready and made a big breakfast.

Then we went to the flea market for some good finds and Bass Pro Shops.

This is what Mac while we were at BPS:
This is what Taylor did at BPS:

This is what WE did:
We celebrated The E's Anniversary at Smokey's BBQ.

Dad and Taylor went to play at the park while the rest of us did a little grocery shopping.

When we all met back at home we decided to watch Movies. For some insane reason Dad brought the Borne Trilogy and decided that we needed to watch the whole thing over the weekend. Well instead of spreading it out, we watched 2 in one night and one the next night! *sleep deprived*

Sunday started off lazy and we had a nice bible study around 11. After Morris, Mom and I went to cooking. We made Pork tenderloin, Roasted potatoes and Green Beans. It was so yummy!
As usual we went into Gatlinburg after taking a Nap!

This was Taylor's "office" (in the Thomas Kincaid Gallery!)

Sorry this picture is so blurry! It was with my mom's camera and the settings were messed up.
There is a lot going on in this picture....
I have no idea why I am making that face at Morris but I am sure it is the same reason Mac is making his face. Uncle Matt is watching us...
Dad and Taylor seem to be looking in the same direction with a similar sentiment.
We are sitting on the bench in front of the Ripley's haunted house thing. Taylor and Dad are watching the talking zombie that is hanging on the wall. That little guy was pretty funny!
"I remember the last thing I said right before I died. WATCH THIS!" I thought it was funny!

What person can resist the big marble covered in water...really....
Even I had to touch it! (and I have touched it for the past 7 years!)

Mac was obsessed with it!
We continue to eat work our way down the strip until we get here:

This year Morris picked up his polish dog and ate it at the fountain. He actually let me try a bite.

Mom, Taylor and I left everyone to save our seat while we picked up Karamel Korn and Funnel Cakes.
Yes we eat a lot! It's Tradition!

Monday we had captains galley for lunch. Then packed up and headed home!

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